Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming Services

  • Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming Services

    Here in Vacplast we canVacuum Form/ Thermo Form products and components in clear or coloured plastics in a range of thickness' from .5mm to 12mm.

    We have 5 vacuum formers offering sizes up to 3000mm x1600mm down to sizes of just a few millimetres. Depths of draw in suitable materials up to 800mm can be accommodated.

    In house mould manufacturing can make vacuum forming a more economical option than 3D printing in smaller parts and GRP (fibreglass) in larger parts.

    Secondary fabrication such as CO2 Laser Cutting/Engraving, CNC Router Cutting/Engraving, roller or automated saw cutting, tapping and bar coding is also available.

    Clear panels and sections can be formed and painted off by us to leave parts ready for your application without further processing.

    End of life recyclability of thermoformed plastics works with manufacturers to meet sustainability goals. We offer the option of laser etching formed parts for recycling and traceability during manufacture.